Saint-Exupery (0.45) – Building Websites

Agorafy’s latest release Saint-Exupery (0.45) went live last week with a continued focus on cleaning up minor bug fixes and further updates to recent features on the public facing end of Agorafy. 

An area where we gave a little further polish was within Neighborhood Navigation and on our individual neighborhood pages. As we mentioned in our Quaglia release post, we understand many Users’ real estate search begins at the neighborhood level, knowing where they want to live first and then moves onto finding the home or apartment that is right for them. 

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NYREJ - Focus on Gratitude and Customer Loyalty Will Follow

Real estate technology continues to advance. Digital tools are helping speed information transfer, allowing stakeholders to connect more quickly and easily. Gadgets, databases and algorithms are bringing new insight and next generation analysis capabilities to the palm of our hands. Advances in features like video, 3D, virtual and augmented realities are quickly reshaping how we view, learn about, and explore physical spaces. But, while the past few years have introduced the world to a number of notable technologies, the real estate tech revolution is really all about – YOU!

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NYREJ - Real Estate Planning: Key For New And Growing Businesses

The wheels of U.S. innovation are turning. Entrepreneurship and ingenuity are helping boost the economy and create jobs. While this process has been gradual, a recent uptick in new business starts has brought with it opportunity for more real estate professionals to work with young, creative and fast growing companies. Understandably, the real estate search process can be daunting for business owners. How does a founder begin to match her firm’s business requirements to the right real estate? Well, with the right real estate professional, a little effort, and the help of real estate technology, a founder can chart the appropriate path and find the perfect location for their launching company!

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